Roll of Honour

Each year the Awards recognise those in our industry who have retired or passed away.  This forms our Roll of Honor.  Every year you are encouraged to nominate people to the Roll of Honour between April and July.


The Roll of Honour since 2013 is:

2013 Passed Des McGarry
Bruce Loder
 Ken Arnott
2014 Retiring Dr Joe Kochman
Peter and Dianna Kummerow
Bruce Pyke
Stewart Leadbetter
Passed Peter Gregg SNR
Peter Redfern
Bill Findley
2015 Retiring Pat Carberry
Greg Constable
Passed Paul Kahl
2016 Retiring Dr Stephen Allen
Leanne McVeigh
John Marshall
Passed George Bender
Ian “Rocky” Rochester
Ed Hadley


2017 Retired





Dr Geoff Baker

Dr Robin Gunning

Dr Nilantha Hulugalle

Bob & Janice Anderson

Myrna Harris