ADAMA Chris Lehmann Trust Young Cotton Achiever of the Year Award



Nominees must be 35 years of age or less (as at 1 July 2017) and demonstrate:

  1. Your commitment to the cotton industry and how your personal and/or work-related achievements have made a positive contribution to the industry
  2. Articulate your vision for the future of the Australian cotton industry (in say, 5-10 years)
  3. Describe your potential role in helping the industry to realise your vision

Entry Requirements

  • Completed Entry Form
  • Written entry addressing each award criteria and additional supporting information
  • At least one high quality digital image of nominee

Nominate here.


All nominations are assessed based on the written information provided during step one by the judging panel.  The judging panel then meets to identify the three finalists during May.   Those nominees that do not make the Finalist list are contacted in May.

The judging panel consists of:

  • Chair of the Young Achiever Panel – Barb Grey (Cotton Australia)
  • CRDC Representative – Ruth Redfern
  • 2016 Young Achiever of the Year – Bec Fing
  • Representative from ADAMA – Jock Leys
  • Chris Lehman Trust Representative – Steve Madden

The three finalists are then invited to participate in individual teleconference interviews with the judging panel, in April.  From this interview the judging panel makes a determination on the recipient which is then announced at the Awards Dinner. Unsuccessful applicants will also be notified in April.


The three finalists are invited to attend the Cotton Awards Industry Dinner to be held in Griffith on July 26th.  They and their partner will be hosted by the sponsor of their category where the recipient will be announced, come onto stage to receive their award and make a two minute acceptance speech.  During the Cotton Conference all finalists will take part in the Finalists Forum where they are asked questions about their nomination.


2016 Chris Lehmann Trust Young Achiever of the Year Bec Fing “I would encourage others to be a part of the Australian Cotton Industry Awards. The Awards are a way of acknowledging the amazing industry we live and work in. The process is straight forward, the team do a great job and being a finalist alone is fantastic. I was surprised what I learnt about myself and the industry along the way!”

What are the rewards?

Whilst recognition for your hard work is always the best reward, the Cotton Industry Awards also provide other benefits to recipients:

  • every recipient receives a trophy and goes onto the Industry Honour Role
  • each category recipient goes on to be on the judging panel for the next year
  • every finalist will receive two free tickets to attend the Awards Dinner hosted by the category sponsor
  • each category recipient will receive $2,000 cash to spend how they like

What do I do next?

  1. Ensure you are familiar with the criteria and the supporting materials you require to make a nomination.
  2. Speak to your nominee/s and enlist their help in developing the responses to the criteria and the supporting materials required.
  3. Collect at least one high quality digital photo of the nominee/s.
  4. Have all your nomination information ready and complete the on-line nomination form in one sitting (you cannot return to a partly completed nomination).
  5. Nominate here.

CLOSING DATE: 24th March, 2017